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Happy New Year. The previous year is a memorable one. It is definite that there were wins as well as losses, good and bad times but best of all, there are so many learnings that will serve as guideposts for the incoming year. It has been a good time, a good year, and a good life.

How are we now compared with what we planned for last year? Did we perform our plans? Did we attain our set goals? These are hard questions that need candid answers.

Humans as we are, we want so many things in life most of the times. We never cease to think about how we will attain the things that we wish to do and how we intend to do such things. However, we will not have nor attain the things that we wish to have if these thoughts shall not be transformed into defined actions. These thoughts shall remain in the wish lists.

Is it too late to start doing it now? Definitely not. Every day is a new life and a new beginning. You can start any day, anytime, and anywhere. Just commit and decide to act on your plans. Forget about the prerequisites, conditions, and things that hindered you. Never allow hindrances to prevent you from attaining your dreams. Be strong and pursue the dream.

Here are some quick tips that will help you to act now:

  1. Find time to be alone in a place where you are most comfortable at. Make an effort to find a resting place and unplug. No cellphones and no laptops. You just need presence of mind, love for yourself, and decision to do it.
  2. List down everything that you have in mind, your winning moments, challenges, dreams and aspirations. The beauty of writing down is that you are reminded on how far have you been and how great have you become as a person.
  3. Find a book or an author that will truly inspire and guide you. Remember that not all authors and self-help books fit each one of us. There is really one that truly matches you.
  4. Categorize your plans, goals, and dreams. Prepare one column for short term, long term, needs and wants. Include and write down on how you will attain your action plan with a timetable.
  5. Prepare and remind yourself to be always positive, jolly and grateful. After all, the key is YOU and only YOU.
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