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Antonio ‘Tony’ Moncupa Jr., The President and CEO EastWest Bank

BY: Pancho Adelberto Hubilla • Apr 20, 2017

[vc_row][vc_column][thb_gap height=”15″][vc_column_text]Leadership is The Corporate’s Theme for April. We decided to share the story of a person and a business entity that notched up in the business hierarchy on deliberate and clear intents. The Corporate did not look for warriors on golden chariots. We aspired to depict a story of freshness of ideas and dynamism.  We find an exact fit in Mr. Antonio ‘Tony’ Moncupa Jr. the CEO and President of the EastWest Bank as the leader and the EastWest Bank as the company. Mr. Tony Moncupa Jr. is a revolutionary leader in the operative sense of the word andEastWest Bank is a company that has marked its own imprint in the banking industry.

Mr. Tony Moncupa Jr.  joined the Union Bank of the Philippines in 1985 initially as Credit Analyst and after six months, he was moved up to Assistant Manager and Team Head, of the Credit Evaluation Group. The easy upward movement could be attributed to the competence brought about by the academic preparations consisting of double degrees in Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting and Bachelor of Arts Major in Economics from De La Salle University aside from being a Certified Public Accountant. The Corporate Team quipped whether this bank employment was histransition from dialectics to capitalism. The reply was that dialectics is present in every human dynamics but there is a need to make ‘the pie’ larger for it to be shared by more.

He joined the EastWest Bank in 2006. He has with him his academic preparations, competence acquired from experiences in the banking industry, and we assumed with the revolutionary fervor to enlarge ‘the pie’ so that it can be shared to more. EastWest Bank then has around Php30B in assets, 1200 staff and 71 branches nationwide.

Today, EastWest Bank is one of the fastest growing universal banks in the country with total assets of close to Php300B, 7,000 strong workforce, and 445 nationwide branches. It has also led the successful acquisition of the AIG PhilAm Savings Bank, Green Bank of CARAGA, Finman Rural Bank, and the Philippine retail business of the Standard Chartered Bank.

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