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“Bilis ng Bayad, Sarap ng rewards with Happyplus”

BY: Pancho Adelberto Hubilla • Jun 19, 2017

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

Loyalty cards are basically designed to ensure maximum customer retention and expand its clienteles through quality value added services. These intents are further amplified if the proffered loyalty card has wider array of responsive features to the market’s needs, variety of services offered, and more number of outlets that accept the loyalty card.

To date, it is prudently assumed that there could be no other business entity with the largest retail network that caters to the widest range of clienteles than the Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) – – with its 2,547 stores nationwide.

When a loyalty program exceeds its marketing purposes and touch human lives outside the sales parameters then it is construed to be best corporate practice of enhanced service to customers per se.

The Corporate decided to find out the details of the JFC loyalty card program through a short chat with Mr. Ed Pasion, the Head of Loyalty Programs and Digital Services.

JFC being a house of brands envisioned to create a loyalty program that shall provide more excitement and exclusive benefits to its customers and bring together under one loyalty platform all of its brands.

Happyplus is the country’s first cashless payment reward card. It is JFC’s customer loyalty program that rewards its members with points every time they eat at Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon establishments nationwide. The points are accumulated and then can be used as payment for any item sold in JFC participating stores. The loyalty point accumulation and utilization may sound similar with other companies but the similarity ends there.

The Happyplus Card Functionality, Technology, and Point System

This program allows the Happyplus cardholders to reload their cards with the minimum of amount of Php100 and maximum of Php10,000.00. Thus, the cardholders may pay their food from any JFC stores through the reloaded amount or through the earned points accumulated through purchases. It is glimpsed that the cardholder is afforded some sort of a debit card for food and at the same time earns value points.

While this system allows adults to have ready available food money this also assures parents that their children would spend their money on food rather than on computer games or toys.

This cashless system is enabled by near field communication (NFC technology) technology that allows offline contactless payment. The technology affords a payment processing speed that will not take more than two seconds and that is far faster from cash or credit card payment. Currently, Happy Plus is the only loyalty card in the country that is using the NFC technology and JFC is bold enough to seize the technological advancement for its program. A word of caution though, the reward card is as good as cash and if you lose your card everything in it is lost.

The current point system earns a cardholder with one happy point (1 peso) for every Php50 purchase of food while you need to buy at least Php100 worth of Caltex fuel to earn one happy point. This loyalty card program has monthly electronic raffles that give rewards up to Php100,000.00 in prizes. The raffle entry maybe acquired by reloading the Happyplus card. For every Php100 reload 1 raffle entry is earned, for Php300 5 raffle entries, Php500 10 raffle entries, and Php1000 for 25 raffle entries.

Some of the residual benefits of the Happyplus loyalty card program that are deemed as winning stories:

  1. There were customers who never thought that loading their cards would yield them cash and load prizes. Every month new stories are shared,one of which won Php100,000.00 cash that enabled her to renovate their house that was damaged by a typhoon. While there was another customer-beneficiary whose mother needed medical treatment for an eye infection was assisted by unexpected raffle winning;
  2. A customer named Apollo needed to be contacted three times before he was convinced that he won Php100,000.00. He works as a merchandiser in one of the country’s famous toyshop and narrated he supports his family of 5 siblings while his mother who used to work in Canada had to return home for some unfortunate reasons while one brother is undergoing dialysis. He said that the raffle prize was a blessing; and,
  3. Norman won a major raffle prize that was so timely because at that time his family needed additional funds for the therapy of their child with special needs.

It always brings joy to see people happy and the Happyplus program definitely brings the joy of eating to a whole new level.

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