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Blask Mascara? Think Again!

BY: Judith Rasband • Oct 27, 2019

Mascara can do wonders to frame and emphasize your eyes, even without eye liner or shadow.  The tips of eye lashes differs.  Use it to darken your lashes and make them appear thicker and longer.

Mascara should complement your facial coloring and provide the darker color contract necessary to highlight your eyes, yet remain subtle and natural looking.  Shades of brown are best for most people, most of the time. Medium brown for brunettes and dark brown or blackish-brown for brunettes and redheads are good choices.  Charcoal gray is a good choice if you have gray hair.

Dark blue, even burgundy or a deep olive green present some interesting choices for evening.  They appear very dark, provide a softly dramatic effect, yet are not harsh in contract to the skin.  Let the color choice coordinate with your outfit.

Forget black mascara, day or night.  Let’s face it, black may be great on some occasions, appropriately garish and ghoulish, but it’s not a wise choice in mascara for the other 364 days a year.  The same is true of eye liner and brow pencil.

Make-up artists and beauty experts have conflicted on this point for years.  But I’m with Vidal Sassoon on this one – “Never black!” Black Mascara is too harsh for most women, too strong, too extreme.  When black is applied on your eyes it generally overpowers and creates an artificial, hardened appearance.

When applied in large quantities, as I so often see advised, the effect is even more obvious and unattractive.  However, it is good for black-eyed beauty with black lashes and hair. She can compete.

If your eyes tend to tear easily or you’re going to a three-Kleenex movie, I suggest a water-proof mascara. Water-soluable mascara works well for the dry-eyed individual and is easier to remove.

Avoid lash-lengthening mascaras, particularly if you wear contact lenses.  These products contain tiny hairlike fibers of rayo or nylon that are supposed to stick to your lashes and make them appear thicker and longer.  All too often, the fibers end up in your eyes.

Select a long-handled, spiral, brush-type applicator which insets into a tube container of creamy mascara. Avoid pumping the applicator in and out of the tube, since this will force air into the tube and dry out the mascara.  Never share you mascara, and please do not add salive or water to thin your mascara.  Both are good ways to pass along infection. If  you’re doubtful about the improvement mascara can make on your appearance, apply it carefully to only one eye.  No globs, please. Then, stand black, away from your mirror. Notice how much larger, more interesting and more emphatic and mascara-framed eye appears. You’ll like the new you once you do the other eye, that is.

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