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Disruption Through Digital Transformation

BY: Emil Capino • Sep 09, 2019

Digital Transformation is becoming a hot trend in the corporate and the business world today. Like any major trend, there is a key motivating factor that is driving organizations to transform digitally. Ironically, Digital Disruption, the innovative use of digital technologies combined with disruptive business models, is the key driver to Digital Transformation.

Disruption through innovation is happening globally and its effects are being felt locally in every country and in our society. This phenomenon, known as Digital Disruption, is generally defined as the change that occurs when digital technologies and innovative business models significantly affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.

We experience digital disruption and transformation with new mobile apps and services that are changing the way we do things in our day to day activities. Take for instance the ride-sharing mobile apps and services of Grab and Uber. These two digital disruptors have innovatively transformed the way we commute and move around the busy streets of the metro.

Without owning fleets of vehicles, Grab and Uber are providing comfortable transportation options to commuters with their unique business model and user-friendly mobile applications. As more and more commuters favor Grab and Uber for their daily commute, these digital companies are disrupting the taxi and public transport industry in the Philippines.

As our younger and technically savvy generation become accustomed to using mobile applications and devices, they will unknowingly contribute and fuel digital disruptions in every facet of our society. We are witnessing a digital revolution and it is unfolding at a rate and pace never before seen in the history of the Industrial Revolution.

Corporate and business leaders in the country must be starting to explore and understand the concept of Digital Transformation, the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. Digital Transformation or DX is the profound transformation of business processes, engagement models, products and services that leverage the use of new digital technologies.

Today, organizations must either innovate and self-disrupt or be disrupted and left-behind by digitally transformed competitors. Corporate leaders and business owners must learn and adapt the latest digital technologies combined with innovative business models to survive disruptions in their industry. Welcome to the Age of Disruption through Digital Transformation.

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