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Easy Care Ideas For Styling Hair

BY: Judith Rasband • Jun 09, 2019

What’s a woman to do when she has little time to fix or fuss with her hair? Nothing.  At least that’s what it looks like.  Latest hair styling trends feature the no-comb, no-control, and “I just got out of bed” look.

Stiff-looking, super controlled coifs are nothing to brag about, but some of these new “scrunch” and spike styles are for the birds.  That’s what they look like, too-nesting material.  And contrary to how easy the style may seem, it can take half a day to look like you just got out of bed.

For the sake of variety, let me offer some easy-care hair-styling ideas.  See if one of these fits your needs and personal style.

Short hair – No set may be necessary with some short styles.  Towel dry or blow-dry your hair, then feather it around your face with fingers or a brush.

Some women get bored with the same wash-and-wear style. Give yourself an option.  Leave hair longer in front and at the crown.  You’ll be able to style hair forward onto your forehead for a fun, casual look or back and off your forehead for more formal occasions.

With this style, you can create still a different look. Make soft curls all over your hair with a curling iron, but don’t comb or brush hair into place.  Shake head vigorously, brush hair quickly and let curls fall where they may.  This summer, add a fresh or fabric flower to finish the look.

A great accessory for a short hair is a headband worn like a sweatband.  Make a band by braiding colorful ribbons together.  Tie the ribbon-braid close to your hairline and pull out a few wisps of hair to spill over it.

For another fun and casual look, twist a remnant of stretch plaid fabric into a long, thin rope.  Wrap it around your forehead and tie securely in back.  For evening, wrap a black-velvet ribbon around your head from high on your forehead to low on your neck.  Tie the ends in a bow.

Medium-length hair – This length may be more versatile, but it requires more time and attention.  A blunt cut, with hair the same length all around, is the easiest.  Brush a blunt cut back from your face with soft, side-swept bangs.

Hair that is chin-to midneck-length and blunt cut can be worn straight or tuck it behind your ears.

For an up-to-date look, wear one side swept back, giving it direction.  Fix hair in place with setting gel or a comb.  Let the other side hand free.  If you prefer, make a high side part and tuck one side behind your ear.  Let soft waves spill down the other side.

An alternative to a perm, set damp hair in small braids all over your head.  When you take out the braids, you’ll have a crimped look without harsh chemicals.

A French braid is great for medium-length hair. Start high on the back of your head and work your way down.  At the bottom, secure hair with a band and tuck the end under.  Anchor with a hairpin or two.

Try rolling your hair. Center-part your hair, and then roll each side up the front.  Twist hair as you roll and secure with hairpins at the nape of your neck. Include a softly twisted bang if you like.

For evening, sweep hair back and up at the sides.  Secure in back with a band or braid.  Attach a big, soft bow.  It’s easy to control loose ends with setting gel.

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