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Etiquette in Public Areas

BY: Jacel de Jesus • Sep 13, 2019

Mind your manners. I hope people will remember these for definitely these will make life a little more pleasant.

Everyday we go out of our homes, travel going to the office, work and go out again. Along the way, we get to meet and talk to a lot of people.  Our daily life is mostly set at different public places.

People are not so aware that being polite is already part of having “Etiquette.”  If you will continuously practice etiquette, you are promoting a happy environment and you will most likely charm everyone.

Further down is a common and basic guide on Etiquette whenever we are at Public places.

  1. If you are walking alone, be mindful of the space that you utilize in the sidewalk.  More so, if you are with your friends or officemates, do not occupy the entire area.  Leave a space so that others may also pass through.
  2. If you accidently hit someone or a person bumps into you, don’t hesitate to say, “I’m Sorry” or “Excuse Me” or “My Apology.” These statements are free and yet very powerful.
  3. When riding an elevator, always wait for your turn.  Do not push other people just to get in.  If it’s full already, then wait patiently for the next one.
  4. When crossing the street, use the pedestrian lane.  It is our way of saying, we respect the rules and regulations on the road.
  5. We are all different.  Everybody is worthy to be respected and no one deserves to be made fun of.  So never point, stare or laugh at other people.
  6. Throw your thrash only at the designated garbage bags or bins.  In almost everywhere and anywhere there are now available trash bins or bags.
  7. If someone smiles at you, then smile back. If a person says, “Have a nice day,” or  “Have a wonderful day,” please respond by saying, “Thank you” or “You too.”
  8. If you are in a bus or MRT or at any public utility vehicle, and you think someone needs your seat, offer it.  The offer must not be limited to Senior Citizens, Pregnant women, kids and PWD’s.  The offer must be open to everyone.
  9. When someone opens or holds the door for you, say “Thank you.”   There may also be instances that people will offer their hands to guide you when you go down from either stairs or public utility vehicles, remember to say “Thank you.”
  10. When in public areas, tone down the level of your voice.  Remember that you’re not in your private room and others deserve a space.
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