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BY: Admin • Jul 14, 2019

Summer is over and rain is here. As the season changes, so are the appropriate gears for us to go dry and functional.  Imagine that we will be attending a meeting and we will show up in the office with wet outfit, soggy and drippy hair, and especially women with wet make up that may transform them into zombie-like creatures. These are possible awkward moments if we are not ready and will not prepare as the rain comes.

We often neglect the cautionary and just let things happen.  As some would say, let it come and this too shall pass. But hey, a little preparedness will not hurt either.  So why not get ready, prepare and do what needs to be done. Be safe always!

  1. Rain Gear – Our rain gear need not be expensive. Head to the nearest mall or to the local market place and buy a super lightweight packable rain jacket or raincoat. Once folded, we can easily slip it in our bag.  
  2. Umbrella – A lot of people find it off to bring an umbrella especially men because they think it’s too unmanly. Instead of being too conscious of how this will affect our image, care about our safety and health.  For guys who want a masculine image, choose a golf umbrella or simply bring a folded automatic compact umbrella. If we’re cool and confident, we can buy a strap and attach it to our favorite umbrella. Ladies’ main concern is comfort and safety. Hence, any type will do. Remember that most gentlemen in London and in Seattle always carry an umbrella.
  3. Rain Boots – With floods that may happen everywhere, it is practical and safe to purchase a pair of rain boots at any department store or even at your favorite market place.  There are fashionable rain boots available now that can suit any outfit. In the absence of rain boots, we may also opt to buy a plastic foldable rain shoe covers that are handy and manageable.
  4. First Aid Kit – There is now what you call a pocket first aid kit that is ideal and cool to carry.  Just don’t forget to check and include the necessary items like medications, band-aid, gauze pads, etc. In our first aid kit, it is best to include a whistle, which is equally important as the other items mentioned.
  5. Multi-Purpose Pocket Tool Kit – We’ve seen some cute and mini multi-purpose pocket tool kit that sometimes, we will never ever think that a little box would already include a nail file, folding scissor, tweezers, screwdriver bits, etc. This kit is crucial to some unexpected incident that may happen anytime and anywhere.
  6. Power Banks – Beside the other gadgets that should be available in your bag, invest on power banks.  This will surely save us as long as it is fully charged.
  7. Food and Drinks – When traveling from our place to our office, we have to expect the unexpected.  As such, keep something in our pocket that we can easily take when needed. We can just buy few pieces of candies, biscuits, candies and bottled water for these can definitely save us from hunger anytime.
  8. Attitude – Of all the items mentioned, the key here is attitude.  We may have the items needed but if our approach is different from what it should be, then things may still fall off that will turn out to be a disaster.  Be ready anytime.

“If we are PREPARED, we shall NOT FEAR. – Quentin Cook”

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