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How To Create A Compelling “Laser Speech”

BY: Judith Rasband • Nov 20, 2019

Create a laser speech for the people in your niche, for your ideal client.  A laser speech is short enough to remember easily – 30 seconds or less, two sentences at most.  It’s the answer to ‘What do you do?”  It’s tighter than most elevator speeches. Address the individual using “you” language, especially in the second sentence.  Give it some punch! It catches attention and immediate interest of your ideal client.

Method No. 1:

Do you know how….. (problem in negative statement)…..?

What I do for you is ….. (provide the solution with benefits)…..

Method No. 2:

Do you know people who….. (problem in positive statement)…..?

What I do for you is….. (provide the solution with benefits)…..

Method No. 3:

Name the pain….. (problem)…..

What I do for you is….. (provide the solution with benefits)….. Make it compelling.

You’ll know you have created a winning laser speech when someone responds: “That’s amazing,” or “That’s cool!” “Oh-h-h-h, how do you do that?” “Ah-h-h-h, that sounds like what I need.

Now you’ve landed them!  They’ve become a hot prospect, a bell ringer! Even if they are not your ideal client, they will recognize the value and benefits to others and possibly refer others to you.  Don’t hesitate to ask them for referrals. “Do you know any (ideal client type) who would like to learn…..?            

You can create several versions of your laser speech.  Create a separate laser speech for each niche market.  Put the appropriate laser speech on your website and use it in your marketing ad.

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