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Means For Business Visa

BY: Admin • Oct 30, 2019

There is and has always been some kind of a knot for us Filipinos when applying for travel visas especially to the more economically advanced countries. The myth and challenges were borne by stories of people who were denied travel visas for various reasons. These experiences spawned different suggestions and speculations from practical to ludicrous.

The absence of consistent and specific criteria as well as a country’s inherent right to deny admission may unnerve the first time visitors.        

Applying for a business visa takes a personal commitment.  It may be a business trip sponsored by your company but do not forget that it is also for you and about you being the company’s representative. The company extends all the supports needed through financial and documentation assistance but still portion of the decision for approval would be about you.

Here are few ways on how an employee can ensure of a YES for a Business Visa application: 

1. Decide whether to get a travel agency or do it yourself (DIY)

Upon receipt of your travel notice, inquire immediately from your Human Resource in-charge on how the travel arrangements shall be done. Ask if they will assist you in coordinating with a travel agency for your visa processing and ticket or you need to do it yourself (DIY).

The immediate decision on whether to get a travel agency or DIY is necessary because it will save time and resources.  Utilizing a reputable travel agency will guide the employee on the necessary items to be prepared and be prepared of. However, please be reminded that getting an experienced travel agency does not guarantee a visa approval.  They are there to assist you in preparing the needed documents and scheduling of personal appearance before the consul. The travel agency serves as your personal go to assistant. The employee-applicant saves time, resources, and can still focus on the company work through this set-up

If the company decides that the employee-applicant needs to DIY then be happy for the opportunity to learn the nuances in visa application. The company is empowering you and may be saving on resources.

2. Read the visa requirements carefully

‘Read and understand the details carefully.’  This reminder is usually for students and children. However, there may be ‘children at heart’ in the corporate world who would rather act immediately than thoroughly read and understand the specific things that need to be done. Inadvertence may have sad repercussions. There are instructions that may appear redundant but going through it carefully would indicate that these require different information that will support the visa application. Be conscious of the instructions. If the requirement says documents must be on an A4 paper then comply with it. The consular requirements are not for the applicant’s discretion.

Most of the embassies have user-friendly websites. All the details that the applicant must know are contained therein with easy to follow procedures. The websites normally indicate the types of visa, corresponding fees, requirements, scheduling of appointments, tracking of status, and the likes. The respective customer service numbers will further assist the applicants.

3. Secure all the needed documents.

Strictly comply with the instructions indicated on the different forms and required documents. Ensure to have in your possession extra copies of the documents that will state and clarify you travel purpose. These may be the invitation for your company, your participation in an event as the company representative, a resource person, and other similar documents. Definitely, this will categorically clarify your purpose.   

A vital document in the visa application is the Human Resource’s Certificate of Employment.  It can either make or break the business visa application of an employee. A big company name nor a high salary does not guarantee an approval. What will definitely help is on the wordings that the Human Resource Group would include in the Certificate of Employment. 

Feel the difference and power of wordings on the different sample certificates of employment:

 “This is to certify that Maria Makiling is an employee of Company ABC and serves as the Head for ___ Department. She is currently receiving a monthly compensation of Phpxxxxx.  She has been in the company for X number of years.


This is in relation to Ms. Maria Makiling’s application for a business visa.

We would like to certify that Ms. Maria Making is an employee of Company ABC and serves as the Head for ____ Department. She is currently receiving a monthly compensation of Phpxxxxx.  She has been in the company for X number of years.

The company guarantees to cover all the expenses pertaining to this business trip.”

Which one is more emphatic?

4. Be the best representation of your company

We heard concerns on how to best represent the company during the personal interview or submission of documents.  This is basically from what to wear and how to answer possible questions.

What we wear, the way we groomed ourselves, and how we say things say a lot about our companies and us. Since we are applying for a business visa, make sure that we are wearing a corporate outfit or the company official attire.  

If we talk about smart casual in the Philippines, the safest combination would be slacks and polo shirt with collar or long sleeves for men.  Women can go either with slacks or skirt (make sure that it is not mini but either one inch below or above the knee) plus a collared top and depending on the position and feel, a blazer could add more authority. Make certain that our clothes are neatly ironed and we are properly groomed.

If we are wearing the right ensemble and we are well groomed, then it will automatically boost one’s confidence.  Thus, answering the possible questions of the consular officer will never be a problem. The key is always to be the authentic YOU. 

More than the advices and tips mentioned here, always be positive and believe that if the business trip was given to you, the YES for business visa will also be given to you.

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