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Men’s Favorite Things

BY: Admin • Jul 21, 2019

June is a special month for men.  This is the time that we honor and celebrate fatherhood. Regardless of age and profession, men deserve love and pampering. 

In no particular order, we share with you some of Men’s favorite things. Men will always be men. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers!

1. Cars and Motorcycles

Men love cars and motorcycles. One proof of this is last year’s sales in the country was considered as an all-time high for the car and motorcycle industry.  Men’s interests on these two vary depending on age and financial capabilities. But one thing is for sure, their car or motorcycle is considered as their best buddy.  You’d hear a lot of men say; I’m okay to spend my whole weekend with my buddy. Need we say more?

2. Gadgets

Phones, tablets/laptops, and cameras, these are the hot stuff that men would normally spend their money on. This is basically the reason why Greenhills in San Juan City is known as the number one gadget hub in the country and OLX as the top online site for both for brand new and used gadgets. So many gadgets, so little time.

3. Knives and Guns

Just like in the movies, man portrays a role that sets him apart from the rest. The sight of a gun or a knife is something that increases their adrenalin and what more if they own one.  The yearly gun show at SM Megatrade Hall is considered as one of the highest shows at Shoemart because of the gun enthusiasts who visit the event.

4. Shoes

Men love shoes too and not just shoes because the value is usually more expensive than the one for women. A working man is sure to have at least 3 pairs of shoes; Leather shoes for formal and office attire, Loafers for smart casual outfit and Sneakers that he can use for everyday casual clothing.

5.  Watches

Yes, it’s true that men are also into watches.  Men love quality timepieces that are of great comfort. More than the time, it’s also a statement of manhood.

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