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On Learning

BY: Rhoanne Ramas • Aug 26, 2019

“Knowing you want to do something isn’t the same as knowing how to do it, and even how to do something isn’t the same as actually doing it well.”

Dr. Meg Jay

Do what you love. Pray hard. Don’t expect. Never stop trying. These are the words that motivated me to explore the uncharted territories. A few years ago, I considered teaching as one of those unknown. For a very long time, I have always had this desire to be an agent of positive change. To become a person that inspires growth to the people I encounter. I want to be able to touch the lives of the people I meet. I have always enjoyed seeing people change and learn. I have enjoyed the ups and downs of learning alongside other people. Maybe, that is the reason why I ended up in a preschool. Being able to touch the lives of young children is an opportunity not everyone is given. It is a privilege and as well as a big responsibility. It’s a test of patience, endurance and willpower. Nevertheless, I feel that teaching is a very fulfilling vocation. The moments spent with my students may be short and fleeting but very much fulfilling. Before you know it, they are going to the next level already and a new batch enters. It’s so dynamic and exciting. A lot of hellos and goodbyes, still, every moment is life-changing for both the students and their teachers. This is why; I feel that it is so important to be purposive and to maximize the time I get to be with my students. I think it is so important to teach the children not only academics, but also life skills that they would need in the future.

Someday, the children I am teaching now will grow and become the adults that could change our society. This is the reason why I feel the importance of making the most in educating them well. Knowing our future will be on the hands of these little kids now makes me feel the need for me to have a deeper understanding about the principles of education so I can help them in the best of my abilities. Aside from studying in order to fulfill the requirements for professional teaching, I feel that applying for education units will let me see teaching in a different light. Studying will enable to improve my teaching skills and will give me the opportunity to encounter people who is also inclined in the field of education. It will not only help me in my work but also in my life. Pursuing knowledge is a gift that could be a tool to be used for the betterment of others. Learning more about the field will equip me with skills that I could also offer to other people. Being a volunteer in various events, I think learning could give me more opportunities to help. In pursuing knowledge, more minds can be opened. More lives could be changed.

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