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Replenishing Your Energy in the Midst of a Hectic Workweek

BY: Rhoanne Ramas • Jul 31, 2019

When it rains, it pours… or so they say. As an individual who needs to balance work, studies, and everything else in between, there are moments when I just feel so exhausted that I just want to shut down for a moment or maybe hide under a rock just to refill my energy.

Maybe just a pause might do the trick, but how do we do that exactly? Of course, as much as possible, we don’t want to spend too much right? How can we give ourselves time to charge ourselves especially when the demands of life just seems to be piling up that it threatens to bury you alive.

Well, here are some of the things that you can try to alleviate that tired mind and spirit without necessarily spending.

  1. Go out of the office on time. Yes, you read it right. As in try to be out of your workplace when the clock strikes at 5 o’clock (or whatever time your duty ends). I know that for most people, who are handling a lot of workload, this might sound impossible but it helps to do so but going home on time can do a lot of wonders to your well-being. Aiming to do this might help in sorting the priorities of the day and allows you to do other things as well.
  2. Take a walk. Walking must be one of the most affordable ways to distract yourself from all the demands of your life. Try to find a place with a lot of trees and simply spend a couple of minutes going around aimlessly. Take your time and just feel every step you take. Sometimes, because of the quick-pace of life, we forget that we also need to slow down. Walking could be a good opportunity to remind ourselves to just breathe and take in the scenery in front of us.
  3. Do something different. Well, I’m not suggesting that you do something extreme like climb a mountain (though if that’s what you are interested in, then by all means do so). What I mean by different is to break your routine. If you usually go home straight after work, why not try to drop by a nearby mall and do some window shopping? You don’t necessarily have to buy anything. Just allow yourself to just look around and appreciate the things that are happening around you. Who knows, maybe you can encounter an acquaintance on the way or discover an activity that piques your interest.
  4. Ask yourself about how you are feeling. This is probably one of the most important things that we have to do. Most often than not, we tend to drive ourselves like a machine and forget to care for ourselves. Doing this leaves us with a lot of compounded stress that debilitates us in the long run. Working hard is good but we must not forget to allow ourselves to have some down time once in a while. Doing this helps in replenishing our energy, providing us with a fresh perspective that we can carry over in our respective jobs. Take short breaks and stretch your body. 

The list doesn’t end here. For all we know, there are lots of other ways to maintain a balanced life. It may prove to be challenging but what matters is that you are willing to make an effort to just loosen up and breathe so that you’ll be equipped to face the demands that awaits in your work with more vigor.

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