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The Conspiring Universe

BY: Rhoanne Ramas • Nov 15, 2019

A thousand years ago, a Greek philosopher named Epicurus discussed three different kinds of events. According to him, these are:

  1. Events that involves inevitability
  2. Events that involves chances
  3. Manageable events

I find it fascinating that these ideas that he shared continue to be somehow evident in our lives. There are situations that could surprise and make us wonder. At the same time, there are those instances that we were able to manage. Being aware of this can encourage us to reflect on the events and experiences we had in the past year.

After all, we can connect the dots backwards right?

Anyway, did you managed to take the time to look back to the events that happened in your life? I hope you did. For some, last December must have been a hectic one with all the reunions, company events, preparations, etc. It’s a nice experience to explore and reconnect. It makes us realize just how much time passes and it can make you feel a spectrum of emotions.

Looking back can enable us to be in awe with life. A lot of things can happen in a year after all. Therefore, try to pause and review. With the new year just beginning to unfold, appreciate how life managed to put a variation in your year.

Think. What were the highs and lows that happened to you? What are the things and activities that you were able to explore? Were you able to spend time with the people you care for? Did you meet a lot of people? Perhaps, at one point you also let go of some? In general, it must have been a combination of plus and minuses. Still, I hope you were able to appreciate the variation either way.

As the new year begins to unfold, I hope you’ll be able to look forward to the possibilities life has in store. Set goals. What do you like to do, or change in the different aspects of your life this year? Maybe you can write them down or put in on a vision board of sorts. Some people practice writing their annual goals at the beginning of the year right? If you’re that type of person, then by all means go! It can pose as a challenge to become deliberate with your actions. If you’re not the type to plan, then that’s alright too… the universe can hold so much promise and that makes living such an adventure! At the same time, be open. Like what Epicurus said, events can surprise us.In more ways than one. Allow yourself to have the leeway in case things don’t happen in exactly the way you wanted it to be. Who knows, life may have something that is unimaginable and beyond compare.

I hope that you’ll be able to welcome the coming months with eyes full of wonder, ears ready to listen, a mouth that speaks words of gratitude, a heart full of love, hands willing to make the most out of each day, and feet ready to move forward to the next adventure. Let the universe surprise you! Make the most out of the New Year!

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