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The Dirty Job

BY: Crystalynne Cortez • Dec 20, 2019

One Saturday, my friend had to do her internship in a clinic in Ortigas. My mind was in a drift willing to be taken in any direction for flash and inspiration, so I decided to tag along.  Wandering in a mall, I closed-in on a scenario in the foyer. A toddler accidentally stepped onto a dog’s poop and unknowingly spread it on the floor.  Eeeewww!  It was not the dog.  Definitely, not the toddler. But wait!  In such a gosh-darn scene, the heroes came to the rescue, the utility personnel!  They cleaned the boy’s rubber shoes and the floor.  The area was spick and span!  Then, I wondered.  Is it part of the job description of utility personnel in a mall to pick pet poops?  I saw how those two Maintenance Personnel did their clean-up act pleasantly.    

How would it be without our Maintenance Personnel?  They work 12 hours a day in shifts to assure that the indoor environment of the corporate world is pollutant-free.   We breathe order, beauty, and comfort thanks to the congeniality, physical stamina, and clean wit of our janitors and janitress.   They are very important people in the organization. 

How do we give them due recognition?  Having self-discipline is one way of expressing our gratitude to our utility personnel.  Simplicity leads to less mess and a more positive core. I subscribe to the idea of the expanded 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) which includes safety and spirit.  Spirit is borne out of our grasp of the culture of care and the premium we put in respect for employees especially the least in rank. Lead by the spirit, or people factor, we will know how to appreciate our janitors and janitress.

If you happen to cross paths with them, I challenge you to do a simple gesture of kindness and gratitude. Give them a tap on their back while telling, “good job” or “thank you”. You could also share some goodies with them. Putting a smile on other people’s faces especially the unappreciated could really make a difference not only in the company but in the world.

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