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The Far-Sighted Guardian, Insular Life

BY: Pancho Adelberto Hubilla • May 27, 2017

“Life insurance is a combination of caring and commitment.”

Howard Wight

Traditional platform between a business entity and its clientele normally ranges from the fiduciary responsibilities, commitments to advance the mutual financial positions and/or interests, operational integrity, robust internal management, and the likes. It is impressive and reassuring when the foremost core value of a company is ‘Love of God and Country’. It clearly asserts ethical adherence and affirms the socio-cultural values that unify the nation.

The Corporate features Insular Life primarily it being the only Filipino life insurance company among the industry’s leaders. The core values that steer its pursuit of corporate mission are Love of God and Country, Integrity, Excellence, Prudence, Respect for the Individual, and Teamwork. Its 106 years of business operation is an upfront attestation of corporate maturity and service relevance to the Filipino people. It is its own testimony.

The Insular Life is the first Filipino life insurance company established on November 25, 1910. It addressed its challenges through the years and manifested resiliency, dynamism, and growth. It introduced the first school of insurance in the Philippines in 1953. It is the first insurance company that lowered the premiums in 1954. In 1958, Insular Life introduced the industrial life insurance intended for the lower income Filipinos that became one of the successful business line. Insular Life maintains though that its most significant step is the mutualization that was completed in 1987. The mutualization effectively made Insular Life’s policyholders as company part owners.

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