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The Wonder of Scars

BY: Crystalynne Cortez • Nov 01, 2019

Dreaming helps us maximize our buffer system. In computer language, buffer means a temporary memory storage while data is transferred from one register to another. Dreaming likened to buffering enables us to rerun situations that we need to deal with in our waking lives. Some of the events in our dreams can offer meanings leading to creative ways of benefitting from our past and this present.  When our smart phones and laptops are buffering, it is good to allow the system to do its own thing and just wait and not to hit any keypads.  I did just that of appreciating how buffering works in my brain.

Morning of July 30, I dreamt of being bitten by a snake. One of its fangs left a scar on my side and the other got stuck causing so much pain. There is something I intuit about so I searched the net and found that snakes in a dream signifies healing and transformation.  In my heart, I yearned to understand what it meant for me. The same day, me and my best friend attended The Feast in SMX Convention Center. We were very late for the 10:45AM session but our arrival was just on time for Bro. Bo Sanchez’ talk and I was moved by the topic, SCARS. Very affirming to what I just dreamt.

Taken from Bro. Bo’s preaching, all of us get wounded by failures of our own and others, and by our sins. Once healed, the wounds become scars. Perceiving them positively, the beauty of scars lies in three wonderful transformations:

Becoming humble.

Scars make us recognize the empty space in our hearts that longs for God. We learn to humble ourselves before Him, seek His presence and pray for His help. We become more prayerful asking Him to heal our wounds and make us anew.

Becoming a healer.

We cannot give what we do not have. Without the wounding, we cannot help those who are wounded, too. Scars remind us to be more passionate and compassionate. Our presence and sincere act of helping is more powerful than words. This is exactly the same as what our Savior did to us. We cannot ‘see’ or ‘hear’ God, but we can feel His presence. That is enough to move forward in life and to do the same with our neighbors. The more we witness goodness, the faster we get healed.

Becoming a hero.

Scars make us heroes to ourselves and others. To ourselves, we tend to rise and fight with God on our side protecting and lifting us up. To others, sharing our stories on how we struggle to surpass and move on can be their inspiration. It could help them in their healing process.

Hearing these teachings affirmed me in my thirst for God.  I survive the wounds because God is always embracing me.  As for my dream, I am on my way to healing. The healing process is more painful than wounding because the thorns of hurt are one by one plucked out from our hearts, causing it to bleed again and scar. The bleeding is our desire to forgive and follow God. The scars are mementos of our triumphs. Scarred or marked with our triumphs, God is using us to be His instruments of love and peace. Never give up on praying and doing the good for His glory. 

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