Why do we have
The Corporate?

The concept was ushered by a dream, inspired by the imagination, and moved by the strong aspiration to provide an educational and enjoyable channel for sharing of thoughts and concepts among and within the corporate population.

The Corporate’s tone and directions are guided by Emmanuel Kant that postulated, “A man do not do wrong because of ill will or malice, but rather because of his ignorance of what is right.”

Welcome to the Corporate!

Corporate Statement

To provide the first publication that will truly celebrate and share the opportunities, inspirations, learnings, winning moments, and best practices in the corporate world. To inspire individuals and companies to simply be the best in their chosen fields and industries.


To help, inspire and create unique and helpful programs to all the companies and professionals in the country.


To be the preferred publication company that educates the readers, promotes positivity, and hope to everybody.

Core Values

Respect, Trust and Integrity, Service Excellence